Winter Wonderland

This is not a great time of the year for those with anxiety and depression. It is not a winter wonderland for us. The anxiety wells up and you can’t seem to control it, all the Christmas shopping, all the people in the malls, do we have enough money to get all the gifts. All can overwhelm us, yet there is help to try and control it. let’s list a few item you can try.

Deep breathing
Talk to someone about it
Go for a walk

Do something to take your mind off the anxiety. I have found when the anxiety starts I can do deep breathing and that seems to work for me. If the anxiety has already hit the roof, I will usually call someone and talk about it. Sometime none of these seem to work and you may need to take medication to help with it, it’s ok of you have to take meds, but try one or two of the Technics listed above.

You can and will be able to overcome this is just a temporary setback. You are stronger then you think.